5 simple ways to plan your travel in Corona Virus

Here is the quick 5 simple ways to plan your travel in Corona Virus times. This pandemic is also known as COVID-19 or China Virus. There is no medicine yet for it. We need to be cautious while stepping out of the home but don’t be afraid. If we follow below mentioned points we can stay away from corona virus.

1. Wear face mask while going out of the home and wear transparent face shield if going in public places like railway stations, public bus, airport etc. Face mask can be N95 or not, it doesn’t matter much because anyway we have to discard it, you can even wear a handkerchief if you don’t have a face mask. Always carry additional face mask with you, If in case you think someone has sneezed or coughed on you, you can easily discard the one you are wearing.

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2. Always carry a small alcohol based hand sanitizer. So, that you can use it after touching any object which is being touched by any one else.

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3. Keep a PPE kit in your home. We never know when it can come handy.

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4. Carry a pair of surgical gloves with you while going in public places and travelling in public transports.

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5. Before going out for long distance travelling through public transports, drink raw turmeric in tepid water or with milk. Drink kadha, nilavembu kudineer and take Vitamin C and D to boost your immunity.

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Don’t forgot to put down the mask below nose to breath normally once you are not in public as carbon dioxide builds up after long duration of wearing face mask. Apart from this, keep doing exercise, yoga, dance or do cardio to increase your lung capacity. You can also do the Simha kriya offered by Sadhguru & Isha foundation to boost immunity and increase lung capacity.


Look out for local or state government policies of the destination, about the number of quarantine days after reaching that locality or state.

I wish you healthy life and happy travelling.

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