Vocal for Local- Top 10 Local destinations alternative to International destinations

You can promote Modi Ji’s campaign “Vocal for Local” by going to Indian destinations alternative to International destinations. India is the only Place having all the five terrains like snow clad mountains, hot deserts, dense tropical forests, grass plains and beautiful beaches. So, we have many destinations similar to international destinations.

1. Gulmarg in Kashmir- our own Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the beautiful landscapes. It looks like a heaven with snow clad mountains in the background and cows grazing green pasture with huts in the frame. India too have more beautiful option, our own Gulmarg in Kashmir and Leh which is also a pocket friendly option. Now political and social situation has improved after Jammu & Kashmir and Leh has been made a separate state and Union territory consecutively in India.

2. Gurudongmar Lake- Sikkim and Jokulsarlon Lake- Iceland

Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes in Indian and the world, located in the Indian state of Sikkim. It is one of the sacred sites of Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. The lake is named after Guru Padmasambhava also known as Guru Rinpoche, founder of Tibetan Buddhism. It is as beautiful as the Jokulsarlon Lake

3. Andaman and Nicobar Islands  and Phi Phi Islands – Thailand

Andaman Islands has stunning beaches and mouth watering sea food restaurants. Havelock island, Elephanta island is a must for any visitor here. Radhanagar beach has been awarded one of the best beach in Asia. You will forgot Phi Phi Islands as I consider Andaman Islands to be better than Phi- Phi Islands as it is cheaper than the former one to stay and eat.

4. Thar Desert- Rajasthan and Sahara desert- Africa

Enjoy camel ride, Sand dunes, mouth watery Rajasthani food and their local culture- Padharo mare desh. Desert is Desert, there is not much of difference between both of these two. But I am sure, you won’t be able to forgot Indian Thar desert.

5. Chitrakote falls- Chhattisgarh and Niagara Falls- Canada

The Chitrakote Falls or Chitrakoot Falls is a natural waterfall on the Indravati River, located approximately 38 kilometres to the west of Jagdalpur, in Bastar district in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The height of the falls is about 29 metres. It is the widest fall in India, reaching a width of nearly 300 metres or 980 ft during the monsoon. Because of its width and the widespread horseshoe shape during the monsoon season, it’s often called the “Niagara Falls of India”.

6. Alappuzha- Kerala and Venice- Italy

Alappuzha is considered to be the oldest planned city in this region and the lighthouse built on the coast of the city is the first of its kind along the Laccadive Sea coast. The Backwaters of Alappuzha is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala which attracts millions of domestic and international tourists to the district. A houseboat cruise in these backwaters can be booked.

7. Lakshadweep Islands and Maldives Islands

No words to say, very beautiful beaches. This place is best place to go for honeymoon couples who wants a bit of privacy.

8. Valley of Flowers- Uttrakhand and Antelope Valley- California

Valley of Flowers National Park is an Indian national park, located in North Chamoli, in the state of Uttarakhand and is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and the variety of flora. This richly diverse area is also home to rare and endangered animals, including the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear, red fox and blue sheep. Birds found in the park include Himalayan monal pheasant and other high altitude birds. At 3352 to 3658 meters above sea level, the gentle landscape of the Valley of Flowers National Park complements the rugged mountain wilderness of Nanda Devi National Park to the east.

9. Rann of Kutch- Gujrat and Bonneville Salt Flats- USA

The Rann of Kutch is a large area of salt marshes that span the border between Pakistan and India. It is located mostly in Gujarat in the kutch district, India and in some parts of the Pakistan. It is divided into the Great Rann and Little Rann. The area has desert on one side and the sea on the other enables various ecosystems, including mangroves and desert vegetation. Its grassland and deserts are home to forms of wildlife that have adapted to its often harsh conditions. These include endemic and endangered animal and plant species.

10. Coorg- Karnataka and Scotland

Located amidst imposing mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers.  This popular coffee producing hill station is not only popular for its beautiful green hills and the streams cutting right through them. It also stands as a popular destination because of its culture and people

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